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Create your own game character

Okay, I've been thinking about this for some time now. I even have a script for it if you're interested. Anyway, I was thinking of an action video game(first-person shooter or otherwise) where you can create your own character, select a voice for him/her, create armour, create weapons, create vehicles, design bases(maybe) and other stuff like that. And it ought to be multi-tap compatible. I LOVE those high player number games! The more human players the better! Or maybe an online game. Anyway, if you like it, I can give you more details that I thought up and/or the script I wrote for it. I spent 3 weeks writing a script for it. Of course I think it's brilliant, but it's up to you.


Then send over the script! :]

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-



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Create your own game character