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Online RPG Maker

Online RPG Maker - make your own RPG game

I think a real cool idea would be an Online RPG Maker. The program itself would be online but the program would allow you to make your own online RPG game. You would have the choice of making the game super Nintendo style or playstation style. You would choose super Nintendo style if you plan to make your Online RPG downloadable. The playstation style would be sort of big to download. The Playstation style would not include a movie maker because that would take up quite a lot of space. The online rpg maker would be a lot simpler than other RPG Makers. In your RPG, you could make your own Sprints for people to use, or you could include a sprint maker in your online RPG. Also, there would be a free server for the RPG to be held on. The rest of the program I'll leave to the makers to decide how to make.

Make your own RPG game - rpg maker character battle animations

I am yet to try the newly released RPG Maker for Playstation, and I believe there is a RPG maker on it's way for Dreamcast aswell. I just wonder; if you made an online RPG on your Online RPG Maker, would you be able to get enough users for your game to make it interesting?

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-

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