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3D drug dealer game

You are a small time drug dealer in London UK and have to work your way up to the big time as a full on DRUG BARON. Use your wages from your job to buy a supply then go sell by raising the price (don't raise it to high cause you wont sell any) watch your back from police and rival dealers.

Design your character give him/her a name Choose from a list of jobs for your character (Not all jobs are good for pay/hours) Explore huge cities buy transport/foot go to clubs pubs (All in full 3D) to sell your stuff (Just make sure you ready for work the next day)

Full 3D cities from London to Miami Interact with everybody and anybody Steal cars, Walk the streets use local transport Buy Sell every type of drug there is such as Weed, pills, cocaine everything (if you can afford it) Enter over 500 buildings from offices clubs pubs restaurants (Just about everywhere you can think of) Killer Soundtrack from bands such as,
Rob Zombie
Cypress Hill
Wu tang
Marilyn Manson
Papa Roch
and many many more.

Mark Gay

You are far from the first person that has thought of a drug dealing game; in fact I believe there are some similar games already available.

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-


Dealer- 3D drug dealer game - Full 3D cities from London to Miami