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Drug Wars 2001

Drug Wars 2001 - video game about the drug wars of America

Story Line:
It is year 2001, they have created the most powerful drug ever known to man. The man that created this drug injected himself with it and you become so powerful that when you get shot in the head its like a needle poking your finger very gently. The persons name that created this drug is Jim spelunker (lol). You are in America, where the Amerian drug dealers are getting there hands on this. There are series of missions like breaking into drug dealers houses, taking out bank robberies, and stopping bombings with these crazy freaks! You really have to find out how to kill this man, even though he is practically invincible! At the very end he escapes to Germany and the game is over. There will be a sequel.

Glock-17 Handgun.
M-4 carbine assault rifle.
M203 grenade launcher (this is a customazation for the M-4, which attaches a small grenade launcher to the barrel, I'm sure you've either heard of one of these, or have seen one of these).
Benellin M35 Shotgun.
Spas-12 shotgun.
M249 Saw Gun.
Steyer Aug.
Barret 82A1.
WA 2000 Sniper Rifle.
HK G3A3.
92FS 9mm.
HK .40 USP.
HK .45 MK23.
Desert. Eagle O.50.
Desert. Eagle 0.357.
Frag Grenades.
Gas Grenades.
Riot Grenades. You can use these grenades for the M203, or just for chucking at terrorists.

The two main Characters of this game are: Christopher Ritmanis and Joseph Craig. You start out as Christopher Ritmanis on the first disk. Then on the second, you are Joseph Craig, then on the third, you are Christopher again, and finally on the fourth (which is the last) you are Joseph Craig.

Portland Oregon. A variety of missions here like stopping bank robberies and crap.
Military Train.
House brake in.
House brake in 2.
House brake in 3.
House brake in 4.
House brake in 5.
The White house is the last level. I can't think of any more levels. But there are about 120 more levels. This game might take you 6 months to complete, that is, if you play it 24 hours a day. So pretty much the deal is, is that you have about a year to complete it!!!

Clothes Set Up 1: Desert camo BDU uniform with desert camo boonie hats or helmets.

Clothes Set Up 2: Woodland camo BDU uniform with woodland camo boonie hat or helmets.

Clothes Set Up 3: Any color you like of a S.W.A.T uniform.

Drug Wars 2001
Joseph's friend

You have been with us for a while now Mr. Joseph, and your friend of course. Together you have submitted a bizarre amount of game ideas, well most from you Joseph, many of them several pages long…hours upon hours of work…but all your ideas shear this strange way of being told…never changing your formula…even though you know it will get a bad review. This leaves me with one question…Who are you? What kind of scary neighborhood do you live in…hosting more than one of your kind…maybe all the kids where you live are like you? Are you for real…are you fake…I guess we'll never know. We love you too Joseph…we love you too…

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-