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Getaway an action game idea at Game Discovery

This game is basically running your tail off (or driving or flying or whatever). The idea is kinda like in driver were it shows you a mini movie clip of the charecter commiting a crime then you start off with the object to get away. You can getawy in anything cars, planes, boats, space ships, whatever is available to you and if you cant find anything you just ditch on foot. There will be a two player mode (like almost all my game ideas).

Obviously depending on the vehicle the controls will change. But to put it simply don't bother with real life physics cuz that just makes the controls so much harder. The airplane should control a bit like the flying levels in spyro the dragon. The car should drive kind of like driver but alot faster. With the boat compared to the car should be alot slower and the turning should be much tighter. Space ships should be a very fast version of the airplane which is unlocked with a secret. When on foot the control should be like syphon filter but the speed should be more running speed instead of jogging. In on foot mode you can hit triangle, which will be an action button, and whenever you are close to a bar or close enough to jump on something thats what the charecter will do (kinda like in syphon filter when you hit triangle to jump on a pipe or something).

All that is well and good but the main key to this game will be to take the right way and take all shortcuts you can find. Example: one of the levels will be to run from the police after you rob a bank. If you just barge through the main entrence more than likely the cops will just shoot you down right there so you need to get creative and take a trip through the vents or something like that. The main key to the airplane is to do death-defying stunts like speeding through a tunnel to loose your chasers. I would always leave atleast one other option to get away, so if you arent good with lets say the car then you have a choice to use your second option whatever that may be (plane, boat, feet whatever).
2 player-
the two player can either be co-op or a Vs mode. Co-op will be when you and a friend both try to escape whoever is chasing you. Vs mode will be when you and a friend both race to get to a certain spot before the other.

Well that's all for this idea... hmm strange this idea sounded much cooler in my head... aww well.


There is a game in development for PS2 that's titled Getaway. Don't think it's exactly like your Getaway, but there should be some getting away in it. Ideas always sound much cooler in the author's head, the hard part is getting it down on paper. Don't worry; people have done far worse than you.

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-

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