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Hi, I wish to suggest to create an Action RPG "TRIGUN" ( the ANIME ) game with nice 3d graphics, good gameplay and replay ability.

-- 3D Graphics like the lastest game (first or third peson wiew mode) better if with smoot 3d engine (not like some games where you need a 10000000 MHz CPU to get the med detail level.

-- The player should be free to move around (with veicles) in villages wastelands etc, exactly like Fallout2

-- The player should also be able to choice to kill or not enemies, changing of course the end of the story.

-- The others character should react to the actions of the player (like in fallout)

-- Cities should be full of citizens doing their own buisness (not like in fallout, where they stands night and day doing nothing)

-- The combat should be in real time.

-- The weaponary and objects number should be large, and the player should be able to improve his weapons/skills training them.

-- Multiple very differents ends.


No problem, I'll send a copy over when I'm done making it :) Ha haI'm so funny. Anyway, I have got the impression that a lot of people would like to see a Trigun game. So all you anime game making people out there, give us Trigun!

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-

Trigun - Action RPG Game the ANIME with 3d graphics