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DBZ Adventure

DBZ Adventure - Dragon Ball Z 3D Game

The game would be an RPG and start just like the T.V show with Raditz coming down and kidnapping Gohan. It would follow the story line from the T.V series.

The game would be for N64 and Computer, it would be 3D and would have a 3rd person view. You could be different characters at different times and all the characters would have different weapons, spells, etc. The battle system wouldn't be the same as an RPG, it would be a 3rd person battle system, like Super Mario 64. You could also ride around in the sayin pods and go to different planets. All the bad guys would be in the game, like Freza and Cell.

I would add cinematics from the T.V show and you would unlock them simply by getting to that area in the game. Since the cinematics were from the T.V show, they would be cartoonish. I would also add a secret battle arena were you could choose from one of the characters you have already used.

DBZ Adventure - Dragon Ball Z 3D Game

I bet you want this game to be N64 and PC exclusive, only because that's the two systems you play on yourself. You selfish little bastard!!! :)

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-