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Guyver RPG

Based on the hit Japanese Anime: The Guyver
You start out as an investigative reporter who stumbles across the mysterious Chronos Organisation's dodgy dealings. You infiltrate a Chronos lab and accidentally activate a dormant Guyver Unit(a small metallic box-like structure that protects the bio-mechanical parts) It bonds with you and covers your body in Bio Booster Armor.You will start off by designing your character and what the Guyver form will look like. Then you begin the game. Various battles would include other Guyvers, Zoanoids(evolved humans who have become hideous monsters), hyper zoanoids and inevitably Guyver-Zoanoids. Battles would take place in forests, small villages and even largely populated cities where you have to avoid causing civilian casualties. Weapons: The Bio-Booster armor was built to be the ultimate weapon against Zoanoids by the ancient race known as the "Creators" it has many weapons in it. They include: Sonic Swords: Long vibrating blades which emerge from the elbows( and in more powerful Guyvers the knees as well) which can cut through anything, even Bio Booster flesh. Control Medal: Not a weapon but an essential component of the Guyver. It links the host brain to the Unit. If ripped out it will cause the unit to consume the host. This is the area that u are aiming for when fighting other Guyvers.Is it or the hosts brain is just damaged, then the unit will take complete control of the host. It may even use the most destructive weapon available to the Guyver, the Megasmasher which is outling below, in largely populated cities as it has no compassion. Megasmasher:The megasmasher is the most powerful guyver weapon. It is activated by opening the chest plates and releases the equivelent energy of an atomic blast. It can destroy buildings and most zoanoids with ease.

These are bizarre mutants which will pose little threat. They are used as henchmen to Hyper Zoanoids and ZoaLords.

Hyper Zoanoids:
More powerful Zoanoids. Like Enzyme and Enzme 2. It would be good to check websites about Guyver to find out more details.

Chronos prototypes. Can control other zoanoids and caqn focus energy into powerful pressure and energy blasts.

Chronos agents using Guyver units. They will have all guyver units and will mainly aim for your control medal. REMEMBER only a Guyver can kill a Guyver.

Guyver Zoanoids:
The Guyver combined with a zoanoid. Can aply to H-zoanoids and Zoalords.

Multiplayer option: People will be released into a living, breathing 3D world as a Zoanoid, guyver or normal human. Humans can choose to bond with a unit or to become a Zoanoid at chronos labs. It will be a vast world with many cities. Guyvers can "sense" a zoanoid from amongst a crowd but a zoanoid has to wait till a guyver reveals itself but can detect other zoanoids.The guyver can also fly

Marc Collins

For some strange reason…this game reminds me of one of the games on my 3DO…though it has nothing to do with it. No offence, but this game idea is just so 3DO =)

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-

The Guyver RPG Based on the hit Japanese Anime: The Guyver