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I know that this wouldn't be an award winning idea, but it'd sure be hellalot of fun, I think...

Federal Bureau of Terrorist Elimination is a new branch of government agency dedicated to eliminate the presence of all terrorists within the country. They have been given the right to use deadly forces at all times, and to remove any obstacles toward their objective as necessary (translation: feel free to blow up buildings and kill civilians).

The whole game is going to take place in one heck of a VR machine. First of all, there is a typical driving seat with screens to the front, left, and right; the doors are closed during gameplay. Players are required to wear 3D glasses in order to see the game properly: if you've seen Terminator 3D in Universal Stuidos, you'd know what I'm talking about: a "true space" 3D where you can look out the side and front windows as if there are actually buildings and people outside of the car.

Since this is a car, you would also have to install the typical steering wheels, shift stick, gas and break pedals.

Mounted on dashboard are two guns: a UZI submachine, and an army standard sniper rifle. Both can be taken off from their stands in order to shoot to the left, right, and to the front. Just as in silent scope, the sniper rifle would have a special scope where you can aim and shoot target from afar. The machine gun should have sufficient recoil for firing, and the sniper rifle should be heavy enough to make the player feel pain taking accurate aims.

Outside of the left door is a cylindrical screen designed to give the feel of a 180 degree 3D enviroment. A standard action pedal (as in Time Crisis) would be installed in the middle of the screen, as well as stand with a semi-auto pistol ready to be picked up. When the game is over, the player would exit from the door to the right.

INSIDE THE CAR: Most of the missions begin with the player inside the car, where they have to travel to a specific location and hunt down massive groups of terrorists. The car and the view should give the player a "tank war" feel, even though the car is a specially designed military Jeep. Players are free to mow down terrorists (and/or civilians) with the car, or shoot them with the gun. The machine gun has unlimited bullets, although the reload procedure is required (puting the gun back on its stand and picking it up again). The sniper rifle has a limited amount of ammo, but comes in handy for specific situations: again, you can shoot normal civilians, but shooting the president of your own country can pose a problem...

OUTSIDE THE CAR: In specific scenes, the player would be asked to step out of the car in foot pursuit mode. Once the player steps outside the car, picks up the gun, and step on the action pedal, the foot pursuit mode would begin. This part is just typical time crisis: the path is a set one, and you release the action pedal to dodge/reload, and step on it to shoot/move.

Mission: a group of organized terrorist has captured a nuclear warhead and is threatening the government to dissolve. Get into their base and kill every single person in it, no survivors allowed. Criteria: the terrorists gave the government a deadline, and they would also be prone to launch the missile if action is taken against them. Gameplay: the base is in the middle of a valley, opening only one way into a massive forest. The player starts in the car, somewhere in the middle of the forest, with a faint radar trace as to where the base would be. No need for a lot of caution here: communication is scarce in outskirt areas, and partrol is loose and unorganized. you can simply mow down or shoot the small patrol groups. just watch out for bullets in the back and keep driving toward the base. Once you get to the outskirt of the forest, hide the car in a less noticible spot and snipe out the door guards, as well as a few snipers up in the towers. Then step on the peddel and get to the front door of the base, and change into foot pursuit mode.

The rest of the mission is self-explanatory: move-kill-move-kill with increasing difficulty and deadline approaching. Kill some boss and recover the warheads.

Consider the following missions: search and destroy a man hiding in the urban jungle; eliminate escaped convicts (track em down and put a bullet to their heads); Assissinate key figures; anything that involves a car and a gun would make do for a good mission!

F.B.T.E. - Action Game


Yes, you're right. This is not your best game idea. But as you said, it'd sure be hellalot of fun.

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-