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Sim LEGO - Lego simulator game

When I was a little boy, I used to love to play with my Lego. I either followed the plan included in the box or make my own creations from all the different pieces. Ever since I visited Lego Land in Denmark, I have had a dream of having an unlimited number of Lego pieces ( building blocks ). Just imagine.........

The idea I am submitting is to make a SIM Lego. It's very likely that the people at Lego have an index over all the different pieces they produce. Making Lego building interactive might not be as fun as actually building Lego, but then again the unlimited number of building material would be a dream come true for allot of children such as myself.

I picture a 3D Simulator with toolbars consisting of various options such as add and remove pieces, zooming and view tilting and most important the index with all the different pieces. Because of the vast variety of pieces Lego has produced through the years, a search engine might be acquired where you can search in different categories such as Medieval Lego, Space Lego and so on.

The Lego builder ( you and me ) have to be restrained by the laws of physics, so if you construct something that is to unstable it should collapse, so that you would have to start over, just as in real life.

A more advanced addition would be to enable the users to drive, fly or walk around in their constructions. If you have the essencials of a car ( four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel and a driver ) you could start the engine and drive off in the surroundings you created. Knights could explore the deepest dungeons of their castles and so on. Another thing is to make a user friendly programming tool so you could build robots and such, which you could control. You could create different events such as car, boat, plane, spaceship and submarine racing etc. Robot fighting with robots you have created yourself would also be an awesome feature. Users could download different constructions on a website connected to the game and submit their own ideas. ( Hey where have heard this before? ).

Before you enter the game you should be able to choose an era to build in. There should also be a freestyle option where you can mix it all together.

Important: The game should be a mixture between a simulator and an editor so you could first construct a scenario and then live it through simulation.

Sim LEGO - Lego simulator game
Philip Hallre Sivertsen

Sim Lego sounds like great fun. Design your own robot and pick a fight with your mate. Cool game idea.

Ps: I'm not sure but Lego might have a similar game in their future line-up.

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-