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- The Sims - adult sim game

When I first heard of the game "Sims" I was really excited.. The idea sounded so good; "play a life" .. but when I started playing it, I discovered that the idea was not so good, because all you do in the game is regular. You eat, S*it, sleep and go to work.. It gets boring really fast. What's the point of doing regular things? I do that every day. I tough the game was going to be all about doing the S*it you normally don't get to do. Like being a criminal, pooh in your neighbours garden, smoke some weed in the shopping mall, steal a car, piss in a bottle of beer and give it to your friend, -and still have success in life!! SO, that's my idea for improvement for the game "Sims".. get some NOT everyday action in the game, ( and, off course, keep what's good in it.. ) ..

The Sims - adult sim games

We have to agree with you Anders, your version of Sims would have been the coolest. Piss in a bottle of bear? Is that really your number one fantasy?

Idea Reviewer:
-Vegard Aure-