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A Game Discovery production

Just an update
DaZ | 6/3/2003

I do apologise, as I am not the frequent of updaters in the world. Just to reassure you we are still going strong on Fur-Effect, check out the screenshots in the screenshots section. I have updates almost everything that was outdated, so what you waiting for, check it out.


And were off
DaZ | 2/5/2003

Yes !!! before you say it we know we have been gone for a very long time, we will make it up to you, promice!!! in fact if you run along to the screenshots section you will notice that I have already uploaded a wave of new pics taken from some new consept locations. Well ill be seein ya. Lots of work needs doing if im were to catch up.


Good To Be Back
DaZ | 9/18/2002

Hey everyone,

Firstly welcome back, it has been along time. We at the CDsoftware studio are looking foward to working along side Game Discovery and its amazing users to create a game by gamers for gamers. Now down to business, the summer has been long and quite frankly unproductive as far as user contributions but we are extremly confident that 02/03 will be an experience for both us and you the public.


Fur Effect

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