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Video Game Design Schools & Game Design Colleges

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Today more and more schools and colleges have started to offer specialized programs and degrees geared towards game design and game production. Getting an education related to digital game production will prepare you for a challenging job in this fast expanding industry. The skills you acquire at these game design schools and game design colleges are not just limited to the game industry. A career within film, TV and other forms of multimedia production is also a possibility after taking a game design degree. We have made a list of video game design schools that offers all kinds of different programs related to game design, and you can easily request more information from each game design school by filling out a short online form.

Featured Schools
Choosing an education is amongst the more important choices you will make in your life, and the key to making the right decision is to make sure you have the information you need. If you are serious about a career in digital game development, we recommend you spend a few moments filling out the request information forms from all the schools and video game design colleges that interest you. Those schools will then contact you. After gathering information from many different schools you will be in a much better position when it comes to choosing the right school and program.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
The Art Institute offers Bachelor of Science degrees online in Game Art and Design and Media Arts and Animation. The game industry has grown enormously the last couple of years and the need for more specialized educational programs geared toward game design, animation, digital landscaping and media arts was needed. The Art Institute is the leader in creative arts education online..

DeVry University - Bachelor's Degree, Game & Simulation Programming
DeVry's Game and Simulation Programming curriculum will prepare you for taking on various development roles in the game industry. These roles include programmer, software engineer and project coordinator.

Westwood College
Many people nowadays prefer to take their education online. Westwood College also offers and excellent online program, with a wide selection of different courses. If you are working towards a career in game design, the “game art and design” or “game software development” are both programs you should consider. Westwood College also offers a range of other multimedia and IT programs that will preparer you for a career working with the development of video games.

ITT Technical Institute
The ITT Technical Institute is one of the leading schools offering technology education. They have over 100 locations in 34 states and three online programs available in some of today’s hottest technical areas. If you plan to work with the production of games The ITT Technical Institute can give you an education that will prepare you for this. This has become one of the most popular schools listed on this page.

Digital Media Arts College
3D computer animations are everywhere. You will find it in the latest movies, in TV shows and of course in computer and video games. The demand for skilled 3D animators is growing, and getting proper education is more important than ever for those seeking a career as a 3D computer animator and artist. Amongst the very best 3D computer animation schools is Digital Media Arts College. Digital Media Arts College empowers you to expand your creative career-fast-only 3 years to a BFA, and 1-½ years to an MFA.

Study Game Design at Collins College
At Collins you can take a Bachelor of Arts Game Design Degree (BA), and learn everything you need to know about game production. Their game design program covers everything from the planning of a game to the finished product. With a Bachelor of Arts Game Design Degree you will be able to finally take your ideas and make them into real games.

The Art Institutes
Looking for a career in game art and design, photography, broadcasting or visual effects? The Art Institutes provides you with more than just hands-on training using the latest software...

Westwood College of Technology
The game industry is looking for talented young people who have what it takes to develop tomorrow’s games. If you have the talent, Westwood’s program in game art & design can help prepare you for a challenging career in the game industry.

Game Institute
Do you love video games? Have you ever wanted to learn how to design video games? Why not take classes on something you really love to get you closer to that diploma?

Brown College
The Bachelor degree program in Game Design and Development at Brown College is designed to provide education in principles and techniques used to create interactive 2D and 3D computer games.

International Academy of Design & Technology
Prepare for a creative career in game design at the International Academy of Design & Technology. Convenient campus locations across the United States, offering several different bachelor degrees and certificates in game design.

Sanford-Brown College - St. Charles
At Sanford-Brown College - St. Charles you can prepare yourself for entry-level game design positions by building practical skills in the use of game design software and technology through The Computer Game Design program.

American Sentinel University
The online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Game Programming Specialization (BSCS-GP) program provides students with both a broad exposure to the field of computer science and specialized knowledge in the area of game programming.

Digital Entertainment and Game Design
- Bachelor of Science Degree at ITT

The purpose of this program is to help graduates prepare for career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions involving technology associated with designing and developing digital games and multimedia applications. Courses in this program offer a foundation in digital game design (through the study of subjects such as gaming technology, game design process, animation, level design) and general education subjects. Graduates of this program may pursue entry-level positions in a number of different digital entertainment and game design companies. Job functions may include working as part of a team to help design, develop, test and produce video games, or create animations and 3D scenes for use in video games.

Ex’pression College for Digital Arts
At Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, you’ll train using state of the art equipment, and you’ll obtain the skills it takes to succeed as graphics or sound artist in the game industry.

Academy of Art University
Prepare for a job in the game industry with an online degree from the Academy of Art University. The Academy of Art University, San Francisco is the leader in online art education.

Seneca College’s Animation Arts Centre
Seneca College’s Animation Arts Centre offers programs in animation arts (three-year diploma), three one-year post-diploma programs in 3D character animation, gaming, and visual effects. Programs are designed to give the student the skills necessary to succeed in both the traditional and computer animation production industry. Developed to meet the specific demands of animation studios in need of highly-trained animation artists well versed in both traditional and computer forms of animation, the curriculum focuses on the development of individual creative expression using experimental and innovative animation techniques.

3D Training Institute (3DTi)
In just a few short years, 3D animation has become a 40 billion dollar industry, impacting movies, television, video games, business, the medical field, and more. 3D Training Institute (3DTi) offers an innovative 12-week, project-based program that can give you the skills you need to break into this booming field.

Brooks College - Long Beach
In the Multimedia Program you will learn about video game programming, game interface design, digital image manipulation, animation, 3D modeling and much more. The game industry is a fast growing industry that demands more and more advanced graphics and programming.

Cogswell Polytechnical College
Cogswell Polytechnical College is a four-year, WASC accredited institution, offering B.A. and B.S. degrees. They are located in the heart of Silicon Valley just minutes away from studios like PDI/Dreamworks, EA, Pixar, and campuses such as Apple, Google, and NASA Ames.

DigiPen Institute of Technology
DigiPen's video game programming diploma course was the first of its kind in North America. Established in 1988 by Claude Comair, DigiPen started up their first game development program in 1994 after teaching computer animation production for several years. DigiPen saw the need for a more
specialized program that had a even stronger focus towards game production so in 1998, DigiPen opened its campus in Redmond, Washington to offer undergrad degree level training in the field of digital interactive
entertainment technology.

Daniel Webster College
The Computer Game Development Certificate at Daniel Webster College will educate you in the areas of games software, multimedia and computer graphics. Graduates will leave the school with a broad set of skills and will be capable of developing complete gaming environments and scenarios.

GIT – Globe Institute of Technology
Globe Institute of Technology, a dynamic and personalized 4-year college specializing in computer programs. Learn why thousands of students have found GIT a great place to be.

DePaul University
DePaul's Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Game Development was the first of its kind in a Liberal Arts University, and was established in 2004. There are currently over 150 students majoring in the program. We have strong ties to the Chicago-area game development community, are a sponsor of the Chicago chapter of the IGDA and employ many working game industry professionals as adjuncts.

Hocking College
This six-quarter program is designed to allow you to gain hands-on experience with cutting edge equipment and programs used in the digital game creation world today.

The Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA)
The Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) offers an industry-based graduate gaming education in a world-class facility in downtown Orlando. Work on the latest game engines and software and be mentored by faculty with decades of game-making experience.

Vancouver Institute for Media Arts
Take a one and two-year diploma and 6-month certificate programs in Game Art & Design, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Visual Effects, and Digital Film Production. Students at Vancouver will be well prepared for taking on a challenging career in the film and game industry.

Pacific Audio Visual Institute's
Pacific Audio Visual Institute's Game Design & 3D Animation program presents a complete overview of all processes involved in creating a computer or video game. Students work individually and in teams to learn the technical, creative, project planning, and management skills required to produce a computer game from start to finish. PAVI’s comprehensive game design program covers the creative, software and production skills the game industry seeks.

The Academy of Game Entertainment Technology
Working together with industry professionals and game developers AGET can offer their students the best possible education. Here you will be working together with the finest instructors and advisors using the newest technology available.

Advancing Technology, University of
Get a game design degree at The Digital Animation Production (DAP). As a student at DAP you will learn the skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions in the gaming industry. You will be trained in 3D modeling, animation, lighting, special effects, and a lot more.

The School of Communication Arts
The School of Communication Arts offers programs related to digital filmmaking and game development. The school is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn animation and special/FX for gaming, TV, film and industrial multimedia.

The Guildhall at SMU
If you dream about a career in digital game development, joint the Guildhall digital game development program and study game design at SMU.

iD Tech Camps
iD Tech Camps has specialized in technology camps for students ages 7-17. They have several camps that includes game programming and design.

Full Sail Real World Education
Full Sail's video game design course will teach you everything you will need to know about designing video games. It only takes 21 months of school to get started in the world of video game programming and design.

The Game Institute
Have you dreamt about working with the development of video games? The Game Institute provides professional training in the field of video game production and digital game development.

Emagination Game Design
Teens build an FPS game and learn video game design and development at Emagination Game Design. Located at Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts this two week program is for teens who are serious about game design. Students learn game design skills and join a development team to build a game and present it to industry experts.

Media Design School
Media Design School is a registered and approved private tertiary institute specialising in high-end undergraduate and graduate qualifications offering courses in Game Development and Interactive Gaming.

Online Computer Schools
Education Online lets you request information from five leading online computer schools. Taking your degree online is both an economic and time efficient choice. By filling out a short one page form Education Online will send you an information package from each school covering your field of choice.

Online Game Design Colleges and Schools

Westwood Online College
Online Computer Schools
ITT Technical Institute
The Game Institute
The Art Institute Online
Academy of Art University
American Sentinel University

DeVry University
Westwood (online)
Daniel Webster College
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
Academy of Art University
Digital Media Arts College
Vancouver Institute
Advancing Technology, University of
The School of Communication Arts
Brooks College
The Guildhall at SMU
iD Tech Camps
Al Collins College
Full Sail
The Game Institute
Online Computer Schools
American Sentinel University

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