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Earn Credit Towards A College Degree with Video Games
Do you love video games? Have you ever wanted to learn how to design video games? Why not take classes on something you really love to get you closer to that diploma? Game Institute courses are being offered at some of the best schools in the country so you can earn undergraduate level college credits that can be placed into a credit bank for transfer to your current school. When you do finally graduate, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition and much closer to finding the job of your dreams.

The Game Institute faculty is an experienced group of game industry veterans, teachers, programmers, and authors. They have worked on hundreds of commercial game titles, sold tens of thousands of best-selling books, and taught computer science, game programming, and related concepts to thousands upon thousands of students from all over the world. These are the pros, and they are dedicated to helping you become the best game developer you can be.

Master Skills That Make You Marketable
Game Institute students have used their game programming skills to obtain new jobs and to advance to better positions in their current jobs at some of the top companies both in and out of the video game industry. With the skills you'll learn from programming and designing video games, you'll be able to take on new jobs with advanced C++ programming, graphic design, and artificial intelligence.

Each course cost between $135 - $265, or you can go for one of the many course package and save yourself hundreds of dollars over the retail course prices when purchased individually.

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