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Idea Info
Crusades of the Underworld
2/23/2004 2:09:05 AM
Written By:

Crusades of the Underworld
2/23/2004 2:09:05 AM
By: BrimstoneVomit

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Category: RPG Games

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      The style of gameplay will be a third-person action RPG, much like DMC or Onimusha.  Music will mostly consist of casual or depressing instrumental/orchestral for the calmer areas or the segments that take place on the surface world - yes, most of the game takes place in Hell.  In Hell, the bulk of the soundtrack will be freakish choral music, rather fitting if you ask me.  This being the basics, on to the story...

      **WARNING**  The content here will probably strike you as unbearably long!  So only read if you have the time and patience.

      This is the story of three demons that found extreme grudges against their status in the surface world/underworld relationship and order.  The three do not start together, though.  Instead, they begin individual quests against the Devil, himself, to bring a sense of justice and purpose to their lives.  They eventually meet up outside of Sin Tower, the prime section of the enormous Chaos Palace that holds all of the controling entities of Hell.

      The first section of the story is basically the end and epilogue to a novel I started but decided not to finish (it just didn't strike me as being worth the time).  So, at the end of the novel - beginning of the game - the character is living his life as a human...only in a simulated world.  You see, it is pretty much my philosophy on how the "underworld" works: if you are a failure or all-around foul person in life, you live as a tormented prisoner in the common-known vision of Hell.  If you lead a decent life, you still go to Hell, but instead you maintain your human complexion and live a simulated version of your life, one practically perfect by your standards.  So, that being said, on with the story. 

       The beginning of the game starts off very slow, like no action at all.  Your character basically goes through a normal day at school, wandering from class to class and mingling with friends in the hall.  This slow start serves as the introduction to the already simple and, hopefully, user-friendly controls.  On the second day, the character returns to the school - but finds some rather peculiar happenings.  First, in his second period class, his English teacher (Mr. Sliva, here's your time to shine!) bunches up a bunch of papers and pushes himself away from his desk and toward the center of the classroom to begin class.  But his chair stops rolling abruptly and the main character notices an iron cuff around his ankle bound by a chain that runs under his desk.  The character (let's just call him Dan from now on) blinks a few times, shakes his head, and looks back at the ankle to see a metal hook pierced through the same ankle, also bound by a chain.  Mr. Sliva panicks and rolls his chair back behind the desk, waits a moment, and rolls freely to the center of the room, no signs of bondage around his ankle, and begins class normally.  The day continues normally from that point on, only Dan finds himself near shock from the bizarre sight.

      On the third day, you venture through the schedule again, only the next bizzare occurence comes much more climactic.  Mid-way through the class, the teacher, Mr. Delancy, calls the class up to hand in homework at his desk.  Once setting the homework paper on the desk, Dan suddenly notices a red 'stain' along the inside of his arm (think along the lines of internal bleeding, only it's red instead of black and blue) and gasps, stepping back into a classmate and shouting in fear.  Everyone else watches as his arm becomes engulfed in the red stain, hand mutating into into a clawed, animalistic hand - yet no one finds it peculiar at all.  Mr. Delancy then stands and walks over to Dan, assuring him that everything is just an illusion and not to worry about it.  But being freaked-out about it as he is, Dan shouts back at him, and after the teacher continues to try and calm him, he swings his mutated hand at him, making four deep gashes over his chest.  Mr. Delancy dies, soul violently writhing out of his body through the fatal wound.  Dan looks in shock while Marie (the girl he fell in love with during life and has been close to him through death) sympathetically tells him that things will be fine by tomorrow and that he should just get some rest that night.  So he storms out of the school, ignoring her and everyone else, and attempts to learn about what's happening to him by doing some "soul searching" in his backyard.

     After a fruitless night of discovering his problem, Dan goes through his normal routine on the fourth day...only it would be his last.  He notices the "goth" or "bully" type people walking around, only they appear as demonic entities, laughing at him and the people around him.  Toward the end of the day, his arm mutated again, and the redness spread across the entire right side of his body, changing half the image of his face into one of a demon.  It is then that Marie explains to him the life that he lives is merely fake, and the only reason it is collapsing around him is because a demon has chosen to take control of his soul.  He once believed that he spent his entire life fighting his inner demons, but in fact he was only fighting himself, making him easy prey for a demon of the underworld to take possession of him.  Most notable during this cinematic is the conclusion to the story, where the character walks down the burning hallway of the false school with a monologue echoing in his thoughts:

        " as I walk down these halls wreathed in infernal flames, I accept my fate, but not willingly.  I fought myself...I fought against what I thought to be my demons...but I was only damaging myself.  I despise what I am, and I shall despise it even more as time progresses and this creature further assimilates with my body. as I walk down these halls...I will accept this creature and leave behind the last half of my humanity..."

      The cinematic ends there, and basically the beginning of the story is just a series of cinematics tied together with short segments of player control.  From there, you take control of the player as he awakens in a section of Hell inhabited by dozens of demons, a settlement, if you will.  You start off the main storyline by mingling with the demons around the area, collecting missions and chores from them to gain the trust of your superior peers.  At the end of this fairly lengthy segment (probably an accumulated three or four hours of side missions), your character, having kept his memories from before and retaining his personality, decides to fight against the system of devils and fire spirits after learning of them in the settlement.  He wouldn't let this unfair action against him go unpunished...

      From there he ventures out toward the Chaos Palace, a grand journey from the place he sought refuge in.  With so great a distance between the settlement and the palace, many allies and hefty side missions (that strictly play along with the primary plot, so there's not much getting around most of them) will be given to the player as the character's strength and demonic abilities continue to develop.  Not far from the palace, the character embarks on his final preperation quest, one where he fights against a High Belrog to take possession of the Onyx Heart, a relic that has the power to dispel any form of humanity left in a converted demon - a power that will bolster his strength and abilities considerably at the expense of his memories and identity.  He wouldn't care though, for he would still retain his will to continue his quest: the destruction of the Underworld's order.

      After obtaining the Onyx Heart, and with a cinematic to display the transformation in the character upon holding it, there is a blackout and the game moves on to the second character...

      The second demon is an Oni, a Japanese demon, rather small in comparison to the brute balrogs he is forced to live with upon entering Hell.  This character's name is Shingetsu and is based on a series of short stories I wrote called "The Shingetsu Quartet."  The original story is about a human that comes under control of a demon he created inside himself.  After the human comitting suicide in hopes of destroying his demon, Shingetsu takes direct control of his body and wreaks havok wherever he goes, yada, yada.  Then he is defeated by another possessed human, which I will speak no more of because that's another story I'm currently writing.

      After an opening cinematic showing this introduction, you take control of Shingetsu as the gameplay begins in the balrog settlement.  He is constantly picked-on and abused by his larger peers because of his smaller size and inferior power, and so much of the action in the beginning of his segment is duels against various balrogs, nearly all of them you will fail.  Yet, in time, Shingetsu becomes familiar with his surroundings, thus unlocking his trapped powers that was detained upon entering Hell.  He then challenges the settlement's tribal leader, typically the strongest of the balrogs.  Defeat this 'boss' and a cinematic comes up showing Shingetsu forcing his way out of the settlement, easily crippling and killing any that try to stop him from leaving.  He casually walks out of the main gate and out into the open, ready to prove his status of an Onimusha, translated as "Demon Warrior."

      Once you take control again after the cinematic, you embark on a seperate quest from the first.  There are no surprise abilities and such that pop along - you start off as a complete demon.  Thus the improvements to be made are the collection of powerful weapons and relics that will improve the strength of your hide and even unlock some sick combos and techniques to go along with acquired weapons.  Without any hefty quest to prepare for the end, Shingetsu arrives at the front of the Chaos Palace and storms inside untouched by the guards.  The palace will be huge, and therefor taking up a good slice of this character's plotline (perhaps a third of his segment of the game).  Once entering the inner cloister and approaching the giant gates that lead to the long corridor that makes up Sin Tower's entrance, a cinematic will kick in of Shingetsu's final cry for power and the collapse of the final guardian demon that stands between him and Sin Tower (yes, a boss opportunity here).  Shingetsu stands in a gigantic doorway of smoke and floating debris left from the entrance's destruction.  His eyes glow with their most feral desire as he gazes into the last half of his quest...

      Cutting away from there, the third character is a demon that has been shunned by his race, cast away by his mother for the fear of being a wretched seed and adopted by a pack of wolves, who eventually found his changing appearance while aging as a sign of a threat among them, and thus they chased him away, leaving countless scars under his silvery-brown mane.  His name is Kiza, a wolf demon, and is an original character of a friend of mine, Erin Dawson.  He is much like a wolf, only with a pair of wings and the ability to stand on his hind legs for battle.

      The bulk of this character's story takes place on the surface world.  With his tormenting past, Kiza decides to take action against his family after many years of isolation and hatred for humans, all but his 'pet', a teenage girl named Crystal, who stubbornly calls him Jareth instead of his true name.  The two set out on the journey together, Kiza covering up the purpose for their travels whichever way he can just to keep her company.  After searching through many different areas of a large forest, Kiza and Crystal finally finds a lead to Kiza's family and they set off for the showdown, Crystal still unaware of what Kiza's intentions are.  When they arrive in the general area, the action finally begins as guardians for his race's survival grounds hunt him down as he and Crystal constantly come closer to their destination.  Each of these guardians show up alone and act as several mini-bosses for Kiza to duel.  Their strength, agility and skills are a close match to Kiza's, often greater, and therefor there are plenty of reasons to take each fight as seriously as you would for any major boss!  Once reaching the sleeping grounds, you will be forced to use all of your wits to move stealthily (if that's even a word...) through the encampment until reaching his family's private grounds.  Both the mother and father will be hectic fights, so don't expect a simple challenge here.  Especially after killing the mother and damaging the father to a certain extent, the father will grow to twice his size and weild a bodily energy that can smack you around from a good distance!  The use of herbs and whatever other healing substances would definitely be recommended here. 

      Upon killing the father and thus completing his quest, a cinematic will begin of Crystal being caught and killed in front of Kiza, only by a death knight instead of one of Kiza's kind.  Being outnumbered after the camp is alarmed of his attack, Kiza escapes the grounds and is chased no more, except by the death knight that took the life of his only companion.  After maybe ten or more minutes of just venturing further away from the survival grounds, a cinematic kicks in of the death knight jumping down from a tree limb and directly in front of Kiza.  A duel ensues and, after defeating the death knight, you learn of the pact made between the demon-wolf race and the devils of the underworld - thus explaining the source of Kiza's father's power.  Kiza then questions the dying death knight of how he can further his revenge, not saying it exactly like that, but you know what I mean.  The death knight informs him of a 'gate' that would lead him from the surface world to the outer cloister of the Chaos Palace.  The only problem is this gate is located inside the wolf-demon territory and would be heavily guarded by the greatest warriors of his race.  Luckily, though, Kiza discovered the innate ability of his race to absorb the energies of slain devils and demons, but only those that they slay themselves.  This ability does not work for those of his own kind that he kills though, for it does not work with daemons - surface-born, mortal versions of their Hellborne cousins.

      So Kiza absorbs the energies of the death knight and travels to the portal's site.  Now, if you figured a one-on-one fight between a fairly powerful wolf-demon was hectic enough, this is where you'll be fighting three of the strongest wolf-demon warriors all at once.  Needless to say, it'll probably take some time and extra effort to defeat all of them.  Once defeating them, there will be a short cinematic of Kiza entering the gate and arriving in the Chaos Palace's outer cloister.

     From this point on it will be a series of side missions where Kiza will hunt down whatever High Devils inside the palace to gain their strength and powers.  You may choose to ignore some of these quests, but doing so will only keep Kiza from becoming stronger and probably make him next to useless for the final bout.

      Once you decide to head for Sin Tower's entrance, a cinematic will come up showing the three rebellious demons meeting at Sin Tower's gate.  They agree to join forces and the final segment of the game begins.

      At this point you will be able to switch between the three characters and further develop them as you may while scaling the enormous Sin Tower.  While you control one of the characters the other two will be computer-controlled.  They may not fight as well as when they're being controlled by you, but they are still loads of help while you fight against the most powerful devils in the underworld. 

      This final segment won't have any side missions, but just a long primary mission that will include opportunities to further develop your characters.  Shingetsu can equip weapons found inside the tower and you will find more relics to further empower him.  Kiza can still absorb devils' energies, so playing as him will probably be your greater priority.  The first character will already be fully developed, so it would be wize to just let him be controlled by the computer while you further tune the other two.

     At the peak of Sin Tower is the courtroom of the Devil and where the final bout will take place.  Defeat his five Minions of Chaos, demon-beasts that contain more strength and power in them than any of the other devils found earlier.  Yes, it will be a three on five brawl, so it should be pretty crazy!  The five minions are some ugly-looking dragons, for the most part, small ones anyway.  In fact, they're more like Dragonians - twelve to fourteen foot tall humanoid monsters that resemble dragons.  Human/dragon half-breeds, basically.  After defeating these minions, the final bout against the Devil himself begins...

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Nicely done
2/29/2004 11:51:49 PM
Comment by:
This is a very good idea that I'm sure you've put much thought and time into. I like it!
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3/1/2004 4:34:59 PM
Comment by:
sounds more like a story than a game to be honest. i didn't get a whole lot of time to read this idea through, but from what i saw i'd say it's a bit complex and difficult to make sense out of. I mean that the idea makes sense but i don't really understand what you're trying to accomplish with it. I really have to take the time to read it thoroughly, but until then just add some gameplay to your story, that would be good.
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