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Idea Info
Death Raid
2/26/2004 2:03:43 AM
Written By:

Death Raid
2/26/2004 2:03:43 AM
By: Dinodeath

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Category: Action Games

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The game will be similiar to "The House of the Dead", with the player roaming through Los Angeles and shooting at zombies, dragons, and scary creatures. The difference in this game will be the way you play it...arcade style with a gun that shoots at the screen, similar to games at video game arcades (in other words, this is a manual game so you plug in a plastic gun into your game system instead of a the arcades)

The health meter is at the top right-hand corner of the screen. There are 6 bullet shells in the bottem left-hand corner. Those shells show how much ammo you have. When you shoot, a bullet shell will vanish. It will say "reload" on the screen when you run out of bullets. When you get injured, a fourth of your HP will decrease. 


Drunk gangsters go on the streets at nighttime,  holding some man that the gangsters claim has ripped them off in some deal. The gangsters don't know any better, so they stab the man and throw him in a manhole. The man lay there dead, until uranium toxic waste slowly flows through the sewer until it reaches the man. The uranium toxic waste flows into his mouth and ears and all around him. It mutates the man into a living dead zombie. With his powers from the uranium he forms more and more creatures and zombies and dragons. Now all the zombies roam around L.A., ready to kill.

The main character that you play is named "Derek". On the news, Derek hears that "the living dead" are rampaging through Los Angeles, so Derek teams up with his friend, James to go blast some zombies apart with their guns.



The first stage is called "Street Sabotage" Difficulty: Easy.

(getting out of Derek's apartment and running along a long street while killing zombies)

Second stage, "Mall of Destruction" Difficulty: Easy.

(run into a mall while killing fat zombies with bazookas)

Third stage, "Rooftop Fight" Difficulty: Easy.

(break through the ceiling of the mall and battle zombies)

Fourth stage, "Escape to Beverly Hills" Difficulty: Normal.

(getting off the roof and escape to Beverly Hills from evil creatures)

Fifth stage, "Run or Die" Difficulty: Normal.

(zombies are out-numbering you, run away from them and kill them by any means neccessary)

Sixth stage, "Downtown Car Clash" Difficulty: Normal.

(hijack a car and speed through downtown while shooting zombies who are carrying axes)

Seventh stage, "Blowing Up the Casino" Difficulty: Normal.

(get out of the car and into the casino that zombies have taken over. The only choice, is to blow up the casino)

Eighth stage, "The Crosswalk" Difficulty: Normal.

(running out onto the street again while killing zombies, creatures, and miniture flying dragons)

Ninth stage, "Gateway to the Mansion" Difficulty: Normal.

(run to the old mansion and find a way to get past the gate and kill zombies and creatures in the mansion)

Tenth stage, "Dragons in Control" Difficulty: Normal.

(get locked in the basement of the mansion and kill huge five headed dragons that are blocking your way out)

Eleventh stage, "The Alley is Your Only Hope" Difficulty: Normal.

(once out of the mansion, an army of zombies will be surrounding everything. The only way to escape is to charge through the alley of two long buildings)

Twelfth stage, "Crash the Beach Party" Difficulty: Normal.

(citizens are blissfully having a beach party, when suddenly some zombies and creatures come. Defend the people at all costs) 

Thirteenth stage, "Nightime Crisis" Difficulty: Hard.

(it gets very dark out at the beach, be aware of zombies that can hardly be seen in this blackness)

Fourteenth stage, "The Dark is Your Main Enemy" Difficulty: Hard.

(manage through the darkness, defending yourself and James)

Fifteenth stage, "No Trespassing" Difficulty: Hard.

(through the darkness, come to a large fence, once through, zombies will be at the other side, ready to kill)

Sixteenth stage, "Shoot Like the Wind" Difficulty: Hard.

(inside that fence, the only thing to do is shoot like CRAZY zombies, creatures, and small dragons, even though it's hard to see through the dark)

Seventeenth stage, "Underground Passage" Difficulty: Hard.

(get into a secret passage that leads underground where zombies are waiting for you. Kill them all)

Eighteenth stage, "Get to the Top of  The Best Western Hotel" Difficulty: Extra Hard

(the passage comes to "The Best Western" hotel, but zombies are still on your trail. Climb to the very top of the hotel and kill the dragons and zombies)

Nineteenth stage, "You Shouldn't Have Fallen There" Difficulty: Extra Hard

(one zombie pushes you off the hotel, making you fall and break through the ceiling of an old decaying factory where evil big-jawed creatures live. It is very tough to kill these meat-eating creatures)

Final stage, "Kill the King" Difficulty: Extra Hard 

(lying in the factory is the evil King Zombie, the one in the biggining that's creating all these zombies, dragons, and creatures. Kill the king and this whole thing's over, but it's powers are superior)



Derek and James have defeated the king. With it's last breath it makes a mighty yell like, "Uuuuuuhhaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" and a blast of light bursts through it and it explodes. The blast blows James and Derek back and makes them break through the wall. Every zombie is dead now because of the blast of light from the king. James and Derek fell on the ground after breaking through the wall and when they get up, a mob of townspeople come to congratulate them. But, in the factory, one part of the king zombie still lives. The hand...


Derek runs to Jame's room in the apartment(Derek and James live in the same apartment) and tells him the news about the living dead. They both run out of the apartment and see a massive bunch of zombies right outside their apartment. They run down the street while shooting zombies until they reach the city mall. Inside the mall they find more zombies and some with bazookas. They kill as many zombies as they can until they reach the top floor of the mall. A group of zombies are chasing them, so they break through the roof from the inside. Zombies are already on the roof, so Derek and James start a big battle with them. James and Derek can't kill all these zombies, so they escape from the mall and run to Beverly Hills. They must do whatever they can to survive the evil creatures that attack them, but they get out-numbered by them and have to run or they will die. They come to downtown, and hijack a car to get places faster. While driving, zombies with axes jump on their car and try to break the windowshield. Then Derek and James get out of the car and into a casino, but there are hundreds of zombies in there, so Derek finds a dinamite and blows the casino up and the zombies. They walk away from the casino and onto the crosswalk, when dragons, creatures, and zombies come. James and Derek kill them and keep walking until they reach the old mansion. James and Derek break through the gateway of the mansion and wonder inside while shooting creatures and zombies. While in the mansion, they stumble into the basement and get locked in. Their only way out, has been blocked by huge five-headed dragons who James and Derek must kill. Once they escape the mansion, they are surrounded by zombies. The only way for them to get away is to run through an alley of two long buildings, and kill some zombies too. Through the alley is the beach. Some citizens are having a beach party, unaware of the zombies. The zombies try to attack the citizens, but get blasted by James and Derek. While on the beach, it gets very dark out. Derek and James have to shoot zombies that can hardly be seen in the dark, or they will die. They keep wondering through the dark while killing zombies, until they reach a big fence around some territory. Inside are even more zombies, waiting for them. Derek and James have to shoot like crazy to stay alive and kill all the zombies. More and more zombies come, but luckily James finds a secret passage that goes underground. James and Derek run through the passage, with zombies following. When they get out, they see the Best Western hotel. They kill as many zombies as they can while running through the hotel to get to the top. They climb an escape ladder at the top floor to get to the roof. While killing zombies on the roof, a huge zombie comes and grabs James and Derek and tosses them off the building. They fall straight into an old abandened factory where big evil creatures live. After killing the creatures, they find the king zombie that created every dragon, creature, and zombie in the biggining. They have a huge battle, and finally kill the king, causing everything to go back to the way it was before.


The only way to get Hp is to shoot yellow crates that are sitting at the side of the screen. Hp looks like a little potion filled with liquid. Once you blast a crate, a potion will float towards you, raising your health meter.


This game is one-player and two-player only. You can play the whole adventure yourself, or with a friend helping (just like in the arcades where two people play the adventure at the same time). If two people are playing, player 1 is Derek (like always)and player 2 plays as James. There is only single player in this. If your just playing adventure mode by yourself, James will be following you, but not helping or anything.


The controls are simple, since you only have a gun. Pull the trigger of the gun to fire, aim the gun by pointing it in any dirrection, duh! And to reload, just aim the gun away from the screen and fire.


Zombies: Look like people. Have their jaw open all the time. Torn and ripped clothes. Walk with hand and arms straight in front of them. Make a mumbling sound like, "Uuuaaahhhhh...". Walk very slowly. Skin kind of blue color. Blood stains on their body. Mindless.

Dragons: Red color skin. Large wings. Have a high-pitched screech like, "Keeewhaa". Very fast. Sharp talons.

Large evil snakes(creatures): Slither very fast. Jump high. Hiss in a high-pitched voice. Have fangs all around their mouth. 

Mutant blob(creatures): Light purple color. Slimey. Jello looking. Jump very high. No arms, legs, face, hands, feet.


Derek: Male. 19 years old. 171 lbs. 6 feet tall. Red t-shirt. Black leather coat. Blue jeans. Light skin. Brown hair.

James: Male. 18 years old. 164 lbs. 5.7 feet tall. Grey long-sleeve shirt. Orange and yellow jacket. Blue jeans. Light skin. Black hair.


Gamecube, Xbox, Playstation2

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3/2/2004 3:10:44 PM
Comment by:
This game sounds interesting, but I got a few suggestions, add to the story plot, can you have more then just one type of gun, does james help in single player mode, and do the levels have a point to them. Do the the levels tie into each other in the end, or do you just go around blasting freaks?
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jeez kid...
3/2/2004 9:21:25 PM
Comment by:
man, you really need to come up with some good stuff. look kid no offense but this game has no storyline, no organization, no plot, no character build-up, nothing. in other words its total crap.
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Good job
3/6/2004 5:45:22 PM
Comment by:
O.K so you have improved alot by taking my advise. Keep trying and keep adding more detail. The more detail you add to your future games the more chances it has going to the primary index. Dont forget organization, and keep up the good work.
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3/15/2004 5:12:29 PM
Comment by:
good job with the keeewaaah and uuuuaaahhhh. Best keeewaaaah i've ever seen...i mean it.
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