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Idea Info
Eternal Darkness, Rising Evil
2/27/2004 9:40:27 PM
Written By:

Eternal Darkness, Rising Evil
2/27/2004 9:40:27 PM
By: Gamefreak200

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Category: Adventure Games

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Genre: Adventure, Shooter, Online.
Platforms: XboX, PS2, GameCube
Players: 1-2 (offline) 1-10 (online)
Graphics: Halo, Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts
Producers: EA games


The story takes place in 2507. Humanity is at the peak of perfection in technology. War was over, and peace ruled Earth. That was all about to change. The evil Dr. Newton doesnt think robots should be used as servants. He creates a robot army to wage war with the humans. The robots first appeared in England. In a matter of days, the army is nearly destroyed and England is under the control of the machines. Leaders from around the world get together, and decide to wage war with the machines.

The war wages for 5 years. Eventually the machines have destroyed most of Earth forces. When all seemed lost, a discovery was made that could turn the tides of war. It seemed that the robots needed solar energy to run. In a desperate attempt they scorch the sky. Casting the world into almost Eternal Darkness. Dr.Newtons army was now imobilized. He was no quiter though...

For the next 5 years, he creates an A.I (artifical inteligence) called the Master Computer, to control his robotic army. No longer are the robots vulnerable to the dark. Meanwhile, humanity is busy building there citys again. They were not expecting the machines to attack again. What they didnt know was that the robot armys were coming for them again and there army's hadnt been rebuilt.

The humans are overwhelmed at the power of the robots army. Within a matter of a year, the population of the Earth drops dangerously low. Once the human armys were gone, robots started to build new civilization. The Master Computer gives every robot artifical inteligance so they can have a life as good as the humans. It also makes three other Master Computers to help maintain the robots.

Unknown to the robots is that the humans last chace for victory was training deep in the Earths crust to stop the robots. There names are Jon, Kate, Zayn, Johnny, and Sara. They all have strength and speed far beyond that of a normal human. They also have specialy designed combat suits that are the most advance thing the humans could build. It was called S.D.C.A.B.S armor. S.D.C.A.B.S stands for Special Deadly Combat And Battle Suit. This technology ascends even that of the robots.

These 5 individuals are humanities best hope for final victory in this war. There mission is to destroy the 4 Master Computers. This is no simple task of course. So Jon's suit has been modifed to hold an A.I. named Franqui. Jon is good at all out combat, street fighting, and is fast. Kate is good at sniping, has good skills at karate, and has perfect accuracy. Zayn is good at martial arts and close call combat. he is the fastest. Johnny is the only one who knows how to sneak around people and stuff, he has no combat experience but is good at long range battle. Sara is Slowest but most toughest. She is best used when the odds are stacked against her. The mission starts here, these 5 people will save the Earth from extinction.

2. Gameplay. 

The gameplay is like most other RPG games out there. You choose which one of the 5 warriors you want to be. Depending on the character you choose, Your path will change as well. The terrain in the game differs from place to place. Some places may be filled with plantlife that the robots have grown, another could be a advance robot civilization. All the terrains are interactive and destructible. when you find weapons you keep them till the end of he levels, though each person can carry a maximum of 4 weapons. So you will need to split it with the five people. Each person of the group does extremely well with the weapons that they are good with such as kate does well with the sniper because she has great abilities with sniping. there are 40 chapters to complete in the game, meaning 10 for each boss.   

3. Enemies.

There are many types of enemies in the game as well. The first is a normal robot. They carry power pistols and travel in groups of 2.They are the most weakest. The next are cyborgs. They are dangerous. They carry power swords that can cut through almost any metal know to man and robot alike. they have bad defense but perfect offense. Next are Juggernauts. They are very dangerous. They carry chainguns and rockets. They are twice as tough as cyborgs but twice as slow. Then there are Elites. They have the best defense of any other robot in the game. The elites though trade accuracy for speed. Last but not least are the Flying Cyborgs. They are very hard to hit and are armed with missiles, that can penetrate all armor or shielding. Flying cyborgs also have perfect accuracy, but not good defense. 

4. Bosses

The bosses in the game are the 4 Master Computers. They all have great powers along with their own special abilities. They can all call on robots to aid in there battles and can send shock waves through the ground. The first one you fight can control metal and use it to attack you. The second one can shoot flames at you. The third one can fire ice. The fourth one (boss of the game) has the abilities of all of them and has gun turrets all around it. They all have weaknesses of coruse. They are all very vulnerable to rocket launchers, only rocket launchers are hard to find.

5. Weapons

The weapons in this game are futuristic. They all have at least 1 ability each and there are over 35 weapons to find. Here are some of them.. 

Normal Weapons

1.SMG (Sub Machine Guns)
Max Ammo- 10 rounds with 60 bullets each
Firing rate- rapid, goes through ammo fast
Special effect- Able to fire two of them at the same time

2.Assault Rifle
Max Ammo- 12 rounds with 50 bullets each
Firing rate- rapid, goes through ammo fast
Specail effect- Two modes, Burst (shoots bursts of bullets and automaticaly stops and starts) and automatic

Max Ammo-15 rounds with 8 bullets each
Firing rate-very slow (must pump before each shot)
Special effect-none

4.CSR 4000 (sniper rifle)
Max Ammo-12 rounds with 4 bullets each
Firing rate-moderate
Special effect-Contains a 2X scope and a 10X scope

5.FSU4 (machine gun-grenade launcher)
Max Ammo-10 rounds of 60 bullets each
Firing rate-very fast (machine gun mode) slow (grenade launcher mode)
Special effects-Two modes, machine gun and grenade launcher

Futuristic Weapons.

1.Jack-knife machine gun
Max Ammo- 10 rounds of 60 bullets
Firing- extremely fast (goes through ammo fast so be careful)
Special effect-has a hookshot with a knife at the tip, used for quick, quiet kills, can also grapple on to other objects.

2.Yokohoma Stinger
Max Ammo-6 rounds of 4 darts
Firing rate-moderate
Special effect- The darts have electrical currents that can jam a robots CPU for 7 seconds.

3.Flash Fare Pistol
Max Ammo-7 rounds of 10 bullets each
Firing rate-slow
Special effects-The bullets contain harmful acids that can melt most metals, explode on contact to release acid

4.Grenade Rifle
Max Ammo- 5 rounds of 6 grenades
Firing rate- very slow
Speical effect- fires three grenades at a time, stick to enemys and detonate 2 seconds after impact.

5. Tri barelled shotgun.
Max Ammo- 2 rounds of 100 bullets each
Firing rate- Fast
Special effect- fires about 24 bullets a shot, that means each of its barells fire 8 bullets. reload time is real slow.


1.Plasma Dynamite
Effect-This type of explosive is very dangerous. When it explodes, plasma is scatered all over the place. You can set it so that you can remote detonate it.

Effects- This is your standard millitary core explosive grenades, effect on most enemys.

3.Chaff Grenades
Effect-This grenade blows out electrical jammers that confuse robotic CPU's, this includes also anything electrical.

4.Flash Bang
Effect-This grenades name basically explains itself. They flash and momentarily blind anything around it with eyes. 

This is just a sample of what this game weapons are. There are still many more to discover.

6. Special Features

All good game have special features. This game has many as well. There is a multiplayer, gallery, training, music gallery, and Adventure. I will explain them all. The Multiplayer is easy enough. You and your friends can play adventure mode together or go head to head. The online featres let you go online and play aginst other people all over the world.The cool thing is that if you have a party of five you can play adventure mode online. You can also play against each other in last man standing matches,  capture the flag,  free for all, or team death match. There are also a trading option where you can trade weapons online to add to the campaign mode. The online feature is available for the PS2 and XboX systems only.  In gallery, you can see snapshots from the game. Training is a mini training mode were you learn the basics of the game. Then there is the music gallery. This lets you listen to music from the game. Then of course there is the adventure. That is the main game.


Add your comment to this Game Idea

best game yet..
3/9/2004 7:47:10 PM
Comment by:
This is one of your best games yet and I have to admit this game has alot of potential. The weapons are detailed, and so are the enemies. I like all the feeatures. All in all this is a really good game of yours.
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3/10/2004 4:11:35 PM
Comment by:
Ok,you will hate me for this but: Once again (as with Zelda) you have created a good game (better than the Zelda, even) however have based it on an already existing game. I have no problems with this, sequels rule, but Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requeim is a totally different type of game to this. Obviously, making it exactly the same would be stupid, but if you write a sequel you should make useof existing characters, legends, storylines, treasures, aretfacts e.t.c which you haven't As I said, good idea, just take the Eternal Darkness out of it and I have little criticism, which is saying something for it
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wrong idea bud...
3/10/2004 8:42:09 PM
Comment by:
Sorry valek but you got a complete wrong idea of the game. This is a game about killer machines Not artifacts this is also not a seqeul it pays to read at the bottom.
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3/12/2004 4:15:20 PM
Comment by:
Also pays to not create a game with the name of an existing one You could have at least done a google search before that last post
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otto's still smoking???
3/15/2004 4:47:54 PM
Comment by:
Like Valek, i read the title and mistook this idea for a sequel to the excellent Eternal Darkness for Gamecube. Boy was i disappointed. "When all seemed lost, a discovery was made that could turn the tides of war. It seemed that the robots needed solar energy to run. In a desperate attempt they scorch the sky. Casting the world into almost Eternal Darkness." You must LOOOOOVE the Matrix buddy, cuz that's ripped right from it. I kinda preferred your Zelda idea becuz it somehow had more personality than this idea which i didn't like at all. Special Deadly Combat and Battle Suit just sound funny to me, and along with the title and matrix-ripped (ahem, inspired) story, i couldnt' really take this idea seriously. I'm sorry. I don't know you or how old you are, but I hope you put more effort into future ideas and improve them. If you like you can check out some of my ideas if it helps.
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3/15/2004 7:58:00 PM
Comment by:
I like the idea of this game when I wrote it , but it seems It was a picec of crap, oh well, World of hell 4 is also mine and you should check that out, that one is pretty good
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