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Idea Info
DarkShadow: Apocalyptic Future
2/28/2004 2:20:02 PM
Written By:

DarkShadow: Apocalyptic Future
2/28/2004 2:20:02 PM
By: the_user9000

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Category: Sequel Games

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*BEFORE YOU READ, it is highly recommended that you read DS1 first. Otherwise, some of this might not make sense to you. It is located in the secondary index action games. It should be towards the top.


The year is 2024. It has been 20 years since the fateful incident in Chicago, Illinois. The city has since recovered from its wounds caused by Darkshadow and his followers. Darkshadow was killed by one of the three people you had played as in DS. But now, a bio-engineering industry known as Orion industries located just outside of London, are trying to create a weapon used in war to surely defeat the enemy. This weapon is a chemical known as CEVT or Chemicaly Engineered Viral Toxin. Its effects could poison and kill an entire country in seven days. Meanwhile, in the Underworld, a new evil has arisen to finish what DarkShadow had started. Back at the mortal world, free rights activists have gone to Orion industries to stop production of the CEVT. Lord Mortemer, the one who plans to succeed where DarkShadow failed, sees the CEVT in London and thinks it would make him unstoppable since he is only strengthened by viruses. A portal to the Underworld is opened inside Orion industries and panic occurs to the city of London, England. Enter the two who can stop this new evil, Karen Selpheen, a scientist who was working on the CEVT until activists were sent to sto production, and Matthew Robertson, a mercenary leader sent in to stop the CEVT production. As chaos ensues, the player steps into the world of DarkShadow: Apocalyptic Future.


Gameplay is basically the same as in DS1. The same controls, same anime look. But now there are only two playable characters. As you start out, you have several good weapons, which might I remind have infinent ammunition. Your weapons vary by character, Matthew starts with a long dagger, which later in the game morphs into a sword, an M-4 tactical assault rifle and grenade gun, a flashlight, and his Desert Eagle magnum. Karen starts with a sawed-off shotgun, and a kitana sword. Your main inventory (brought up by pressing the select button) consists of your life meter, current equiped firearm and sword, and your item list. There are many new gun and sword techniques that will be used to open doors and destroy enemies. New techniques will be used such as pushing X button to move a chair or table in front of a door or passageway to block off enemies, sniping enemies from windows, or using the enviromental surrondings to your avail (like getting behind doors or crates to block gunfire, shoving enemies into water or a pit, using explosive barrells or fire to destroy enemies nearby, using traps to lure enemies into, etc). Some other new features include getting behind an enemy and interogating them to gain information on where to go and where certain items are. Traps are now in play, tripone and you might trigger the alarm to sound in a building or could activate a deadly spike trap. In the game, you will earn new moves or buy them at Orion industries shops located around the city. Earning of experience is gone, you can still improve your health but this time you must collect titanium spheres to improve your maximum health level. Dirrerent items can be earned, also. These include cubes or currency, spheres which heal you, titanium spheres which improve your maximum health level, cylinders when used expel a magic force to destroy all enemies that surround you, demon tears improve your attack speed and force for a limited time, and substences let you pick from a list of powers to have one for a limited time. This game would recieve an M rating due to blood and gore, violence, mild language, and mature sexual content. The main menu at the start screen will say start new game, load saved game, options, and extras (if the game has been completed once). From the new game selection, you select a character and a difficulty (easy, normal, hard, and the hardest mode "death is the only way out").

Enviroment, Graphics, and Cinematics:

Most enviroments are city streets and buildings. Some of the game takes place in famous London landmarks. Depending on when the game is played, it could be day or night. Like this, play it at 3:00 in the morning it will be night, play it at 9:00am it will be morning, play it at 1:00pm it will be day. The last part of the game will take place at Orion industries HQ in the center of London and in the Underworld. The cinematics are like watching an anime show. From the pause menu (when the game is completed) you can view the cinematic movies and in-game movies. The graphics engine will be the same as in the first game. Different effects will make different sounds depending on what surface they hit and how close you are to them. Graphics will be very textured depending on the surface. Player's characters will appear more scarred and bloody depending on how much damage they take. Shadows will appear as though they were real. Sunlight will reflect off of surfaces and will be blocked out if you are standing in the sunlight. Glass will shatter, break and crack depending on the damage done to the window or something close (like an explosion that cracks a window if it is near it).


Enemies will range from demons to townspeople to your own friends if you do something stupid (throw a grenade into a big huddle of your troops, grenade explodes, your friends die, the remaining "friends" kill you because they think your a traitor or just really stupid).

Some stuff I forgot to mention:


Probably a mix of gothic rock/techno/horror beats. Maybe some piano for some of the cutscenes.

Level lineup:

This is a line up of the levels that you would go through in the game and their locations. Some missions take place in the same location, though.


mission1: retrive the CEVT. Orion industries.

mission2: escape the prison hold. Orion industries police department

mission3: explore the outside. London

mission4: retrive weapon and eliminate all opposion. London streets

mission5: eliminate Orion industries' "experiment". London chapel

mission6: explore the waterways. London waterways

mission7: help Karen eliminate the opposing forces. London waterways

mission8: destroy the lantern fish. London waterways

mission9: find the sacred resting place. London Cemetary

mission10: destroy the arachnid queen. London Cemetary

mission11: follow Karen back to London. London outskirts

mission12: eliminate the Army forces. Just outside of London

mission13: head to town square. London

mission14: face Lord Mortemer. London square

mission15: enter Orion industries. London

mission16: retrive the "supreme gate key" and enter the portal. Orion industries

mission17: open the final gate and destroy all opposion. Underworld entrance

mission18: find Karen. Underworld

mission19: enter the kingdom gate. deep Underworld

mission20: Eliminate Lord Mortemer. deep Underworld

mission21: escape the Underworld and London with Karen. deep Underworld - London

mission22: destroy Lord Mortemer and escape from London. London


mission1: retrive your weapons and fight off the Activists. Orion industries

mission2: chase after the prison escapee. London

mission3: fight the experiment. London streets

mission4: find the prison escapee. London - London waterways

mission5: help Matthew eliminate the opposing forces. London waterways

mission6: go to the London Cemetary and retrive the "enhancer". London waterways - Cemetary

mission7: fight the Moth. Cemetary

mission8: go back to London. Cemetary - London

mission9: enter Orion industires to dispose of the CEVT. London

mission10: open the monitor program and learn the truth. Orion industries

mission11: enter the Underworld. Orion industries

mission12: fight the Voodoo. Underworld

mission13: escape the Underworld and London with Matthew. deep Underworld - London

Final Word:

I think this game appears very good and could be a great game if it is made. I've included all gaming elements I could think of and have covered the entire game, basically. Please give your comments and suggestions to this game. I would like to know what to work on and what is good.

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