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Idea Info
World of Hell 4: The Five Demon Overlords.
3/5/2004 9:15:37 PM
Written By:

World of Hell 4: The Five Demon Overlords.
3/5/2004 9:15:37 PM
By: Gamefreak200

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Category: RPG Games

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World of Hell 4: The Five Demon Overlords

Game type- RPG
Players- 1-4
Rating- M, for blood, gore, Violence
Graphics- Final Fantasy


   After the second defeat of Hades, the five demon overlords are pissed. They decide its time to take matters into their own hands. They each create an army of demons to wage war with humanity. The demons overwhelmed the humans and take them down easily. After only a month at war, the demons where on the verge of victory. The remainder and the best of the human army decide to make one more stand to protect the capital city of the world. The fight goes on for days. The 300 that were defending the city died. There death wasnt in vain though, along with them, there was over 5,000 demon deaths. The five demon overlords were surprised at the will, power and courage of the humans. Unfortunatly, The population of the human race droped dangerously low. The remaining humans hadn't the will nor the power to fight. All of them only had one thought, where are the 5 people, that saved them in the first place. 7 months after the demons first strike, they defeated the humans. The world was now theirs. It was a world of hell. 

     Unknown to the demons, was that far under the earth's crust were the five people that killed Hades, Jon, the Lord of Flames, Kate, Master of Water, Will, the Warlock of Wind, Linda, the Magician of Earth, and Fred the God of Electricity, are deep in training. They are unaware of the demons invasion of Earth. When their training is finally over, they head back to the surface. When they get up, they go into shock. The sky was red and black. All the plant life around them was dead. They set off to look for the nearest town. When they got there, it was in complete ruins. They look around for survivors. No one was there. They roamed around the country side for weeks. Every town they saw was in ruins. They were about to give up hope when they found a village that hadn't been destroyed. They talked to the town's people and found out that the five demon overlords were responsible for the desturction of Earth.

   After that the villagers allowed them to stay to rest and eat. They stayed for a week and prepared themselves. After the week was up, they headed out to fight the five demon overlords. They were only traveling for a week when they made contact with demons. The demons were starting to build their own villages and citys to live in. The five saviors knew thay had little time. They had to defeat the five demon overlords and seal Hell for the rest of time. 


I will be explaining a few things,
1. Enemies,
2. Special abilitys-power ups,
3. Character Bio's,
4. Demon Overlords
5. Features
6. Terrain

1. Enemies.

There are over 10 types of enemies in this game. The first type is a Sentry Demon. They are extremely weak and they travel in pairs of two or three. They attack using  only spears. The second type of demon is a Warrior Demon. These types of demons are also weak but have a superior defense and they use bow and arrows. The next type of demons are Elites. The elites are very strong but lack a good defense. They attack with either swords or crossbows. The next type of demons are Cyclopes. They are very dangerous enemies. They have both good attack and defense. It uses its eye's special ability to  fire heat rays. Their only weakness is there speed because they are real slow. The fifth type of demon are Mage Demons. These's demons are among the most difficult to kill because they fuse with any other demon that is around them. Mage demons are usually with a cyclopes because that is their strongest fusion. The sixth type of demon is a Flying Demon. These demons are very hard to because of there fast speed and agility. They can also turn invisible. They are very weak when it comes to defending themselves. They attack using poison arrows. The next type are the Gladiator Demons. They are the biggest and the badest of all the demons. They are over 15 feet tall, and they weigh about 3 tons. There skin can repel almost any magic.

    The eighth type of demon is a Horned Demon. Their body's are covered in quills. They can sometimes deflect attacks. They attack by firing their quils out of their body. The ninth type is a Gaurdian Demon. These demons are strong and are equiped with armor, and carry huge battle axes.  You only encounter these demons before you fight a Demon Overlord. The last type of enemies are demon apparitons. these demons are very fast and very strong. They can go through any object they see. No magic spell can affect them. Their only weakness is light.

2.Speical abilities and power ups.

  There are many special abilities and power ups in this game. Each charecter has his/her own power ups. They also have their own basic weapons. Jon's basic weapon is the Swords of flames which can burn enemies (burn effects do 10 damage to enemys each time they attack. Kate's is the ice bow and arrow, this weapon has a 3  out of 10 chance's of freezing the enemy. Will has the Bansho fan which can blow most enemys away alowing you to run. Linda has the axe of stone, which can daze the enemy, imobilizing it for two turns. Fred has the spear of lightning which can stun the enemy for a turn (there is a higher chance that Freds weapon will stun the enemy then linda's weapon will). Here are a few of them. 

The first power up that only Jon can be equiped with is the Rings of Inferno. These rings let Jon create balls of fire that can burn through any substance. The next is the Dragons Mask. This mask lets Jon shoot fire from his mouth like a dragon. Next is the Dragons Tooth. It boosts up the power of all of Jon's fire attack by 30 percent. One of his special abilitys is Fire Spin. It traps enemys in a ring of fire and does 30 damage to them every time it is their turn to attack. 

   Kates power ups are the Serpents fin which lets her make twisters of water.  another one of her powers are the water madalyn. This boosts up her water powers by 30 percent. The last one is the Mermaid's Tear. This power up allows her to fire very strong jets of water out of her eyes. One of Kate's special abilitys is Hurricane. This attack does 50 damange to each of the enemies on the field.

   Will's power ups are the Dragons Wing. This lets him create a very strong wind that can blow enemies from the battle. The second is the medallion of the winds. This power up allows Will to make a twister, that deals 40 damage every time the demons attack. Third is the Hawks Eye. This powers up all of Will's wind attacks by 30 percent. One of his special abilities is Whirling trap. This ensnares the enemys in a whirlwind. The enemy is then imobilized. 

   Linda's first power up is the  whip of rock. This whip is normal until it is being used to attack. Then it is covered in tiny jagged rock. Next is the rock armor. This power up forms a protective wall of rocks in front of Linda (can only be used once per battle). The last is the Stone chain. This increases her attack power by 30 percent. One of her special abilities is Tremor. It does 50 damage to one of the enemies and stuns them for one turn. 

   Fred's first power up is the thunder cloud. This lets him create lightning storms. The lightning strikes the enemy once every turn, doing 50 damage. The second is the  Ring of thunder.  It increase all lightning attacks by 30 percent. The last is the staff of lightning. It does 40 damage and stuns the enemy for 3 turns. His special ability is called Zap cannon. It fires a ball of electricty that can dazes the enmy for 3 turns leaving thm open to all attacks.

3.Character Bio's

Here I will explain the backrounds of each of the charecters. First I will explain Jon.

  Jon was an outkast. He was constantly stealing food and supplies. He was at the top of the wanted list from many villages. One day that all changed however. He had just robbed the grocery store again. He  had gotten back to his secret  house in the forest. He eats and rests. In the middle of the night something wakes him. He goes outside and sees an old man dressed in funny clothing. He threatens the old man and takes out his gun. The old man starts to chant and the gun snaps in half. Jon asks the old man who he was. He was a wizard. He was getting old in years and needed to pass on his knowledge of magic. He wants Jon to become his apperentice. Jon excepts the deal, though all he really wanted was the power so he could rob more. He goes off with him and for three years they train. When they were finally done, Jon had no longer thought about stealing. While they were training, the wizard taught Jon the  joys of life, Jon had gained inner peace. All Jon really wanted to do now was perfect his power over fire. He leaves his master to improve his skills else where.

 Kate was a young 17 year old girl who lived in a village near the water. She loved water. Every day, she would go and swim, no matter the temparature. One day she was going out on her daily swim, that would change her life. She decided to go out farther than she had ever gone before. She got lost however in the fog. Night fall came and she was no were close to land. She thought she would die out there. She climbed up onto a rock and started to cry. When all of a suddon a light blue woman came out of the water. She told Kate to take her hand. She did as she was told. The blue women drags her under the water. Kate blacks out. When she awakes, she could not believe her eyes. She was in an underwater palace. The aqua people explained to her that they brought her here because they felt that her love of the water can make her a great wizard of the water. They want her to under go training. She agrees and they set off right to work. After four years of training, she had mastered her power over water. She leaves the aqua people, and heads off to fight any evil in the world.

Will was a promising young man. he was very poular in his village for his speed and agility. Will could run like the wind. One day Will was oof on a jog in the forest when it started to rain real heavily. The day became dark and Will was running blind. He couldnt see, until he fell over and slipped down a slope. The fall was enough to Break Will's leg. He thought he would die until an old lady came to his rescue. The lady to him to her lair, where she treated him. when Will awoke, she told him that he was a very lucky child. Will thanked her and decided to train with her for her powers of the wind. Will was deeply in love with the wind and the Lady trained him in the ways of the wind. will trained for 5 years. Once he was done he left and went back to his village.

Linda was a wandering young lady. She went from town to town seeking shelter and food. The reason she didnt settle down herself was because she enjoyed to travel. She wanted to see the entire world, meet new people, try new foods, and learn new languages. Linda was in very good shape. One day while she was walking, minding her own business, she stumbled upon a cottage. She was tired and decided to see if anyone was home. She bangs on the door. A young man opens it. Linda asks if she could stay for a while to rest and eat. The man agrees to let her in on one condition. She would become his apperentice. Linda doesnt want to though. The man shuts the door on her face. Linda stands on the porch shocked at what just happened. She needed food and warmth because it ws getting cold, what she needed most however, was shelter. So she decided to see what the man would teach her and so she knocked on the door and apologized. the man took her in and there she trained with him. linda learned the powers of the Earth and she soon became a magician that could bend and twist the earth. Linda had the longest training. she trained for nearly 10 years learning the secrets of the earth. once she was done she went off on her journeys.

Fred is a young man. He lives in a small village on the northeast coast of America. He has a wife and two kids. He was very happy with his life, everything was going smoothly. Fred was a very sharp man. He made many types of potions, healing ones, magic resterors, and more. One day he is making a potion run (he delivers potions too people who need them), and he has one more run. The potion is for a old man that lives up in a mountain. Fred climbs the mountain without any trouble. When he arrives at the house, the man was in a rocking chair in front of a fire. Fred gives him the potion and prepares to leave when the man asks him something, "would you like to learn more than you ever imagined possible?" Fred asks the man what he is talking about. The man asks fred to stay and learn the art of lightning. Fred decides to see if this guy is sane. Fred asks him to show him his power. The old man lifts a staff and there was a blinding flash, along with a bolt of lightning. Fred decides to train with him. For the next 3 and a half years, he is in deep training. When he is finished, he starts to roam the country side, he was looking for a new place to train, and somebody to fight, to test his powers out. 

4.The Five Demon Overlords

The five demon overlords are the bosses in the game. They are all very hard. They look like normal demons, but they wear red and black cloaks and hide there faces. They are very powerful wizards. They all have very powerful abilitys, and they all have their own special abilitys.

The first demon overlord, can move at lightning speed and is very hard to hit. The second one can create fields of dark energy that can protect him from magic attacks. The third one can create demons,(only sentry, and warrior ones) to aid him with his battle. The fourth one is very strong and can use his fists to smack you around. The last one, which is the toughest boss of the game, has phsycic powers. All of them are very strong and hard to beat. The powers that all of them share are flight, dark magic spells, dark blasts, and more. Each of their armies also have the special abilitys of their demon overlord. An example is, if a demon was created by the demon overlord that can move at high speeds, his army will also be able to move at slightly higher speeds than the demons made by the other overlords.

5. Features of the game

There are alot of special features in this game, they include, adventure, co-op, gallery, music gallery, and training. Adventure is were you go to play the main game. That is were the adventure begins. Co-op is the mode that lets you and another friend play main game together.Co-op can be played with three other players. Gallery shows picture of all the characters and overlords of the game. The gallery will also explain a little about each picture, depening on what's in it. You can also unlock snapshots from the other  World Of Hell games. To obtain those you must complete sertain side missions in adventure mode. The music gallery plays music from the game. Each demon overlord has their own music when you battle them.

This is the last game in the WORLD OF HELL saga.

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better than the others
3/16/2004 4:10:13 PM
Comment by:
This idea isn't great, but it's better than the previous two i commented on. Just a couple of tips. First of all, work on your spelling, you should make sure you spell the word "psychic" and "guardian" the right way, for starters. People lose a bit of respect for an idea when it seems rushed and kinda messy. The story is simple and straightforward and i suppose that's ok, but i'd like it if you differentiated between the Demon Overlords a bit more (I'm a veteran dungeons and dragons player and am also into mythology/supernatural lore, so i have quite a few ideas i could share). I like that the characters have different abilities (expand on this) even if some people say the whole elemental theme gets repetitive (i like it). On the other hand, this idea is a sequel to one of your previous ideas correct? Well i have no idea who these Five humans are or what happened in the past 3 World of Hell games. A little recap would help. As you can see i'm not being very harsh on this idea becuz i don't really see any reason to be. Also, Fred the god of electricity sounds a bit stupid, no offense, and the appearance of the Overlords seems a bit corny, make them unique and cool. I assure you not all demons would look the same (my opinion, but still). Anyway, nice try. This idea really doesn't suck, it just doesn't stand out a whole lot either.
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3/16/2004 7:32:05 PM
Comment by:
Thankfully you like at least one of the games i have up. As for spelling, I really do suck at it. You should check out world of hell 1 through 3 (one and two are in secondary) to understand this game
edit | delete view game ideas

3/17/2004 1:03:24 AM
Comment by:
Penguin Crusader
ok first of all, you people need to get of the whole "hell" theme. To many ideas come from this theme and to me, they are very old. No offense or anything, some ideas are actually good but they ARE getting old. Second of all, this series has gotten old, like the final fantasy series to me.
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hell yea
3/17/2004 1:31:45 AM
Comment by:
Im was never too excited about the of the hell theme but this game is a great change. It is pretty similiar but it adds a great change of pace
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