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5 Video Games to Lower Your Stress Levels

We all know this feeling — coming home so tired that even playing video games seems like too much. Fortunately, there are a bunch of games made exactly for such occasions. They don't demand you to take teeth-grinding challenges but help you unwind and relax instead. Here are the 5 best games of this sort.


Ever felt like leaving it all behind and starting anew as a forest ranger in the middle of nowhere? That's exactly what the main character of Firewatch does. The game has a suspenseful storyline full of mysteries, but it strongly encourages players to abandon the main road and dive into the wilderness. The vibrant orange and yellow color palette create a feeling of never-ending sunset. Accompanied by merry singing of birds, gentle blowing of the wind, and squeaking of trees, it invites us to sit back and enjoy the walk. You also have a camera to capture your favorite views and places.

The Stanley Parable

While it is not a traditional stress-reliever with soothing music and picturesque views, The Stanley Parable can offer you much more than any other game. In fact, it's a work-of-art comedy piece with a hefty dose of irony and philosophy concerning modern life and today’s work environment. The humor is environment-driven and enhanced by a very respectful voiceover gentleman who pops up to add some explanation or, on the contrary, make things less clear with some deep existential thoughts. It's hard to describe this game without spoilers, so you have to dive in to understand what it is, especially with the recent Ultra Deluxe edition, an expanded and visually improved version of the game.

No Man’s Sky

The key feature of the game is literally billions of explorable solar systems. All players start from different corners of the virtual galaxy. They can travel through stars and planets and set foot in the worlds no other player has been to before, becoming true pioneers. The landscapes, flora, and fauna are generated depending on many parameters existing on each planet, so you can see previously unknown sceneries and creatures and even name them. Though you can engage in a space or land combat, no one is forcing you to, and you can focus on exploration instead.


The view of desert dunes bathing in sunlight can be quite relaxing after you remove a survival part and add a calming soundtrack. That's exactly what Journey does. Explore ancient ruins, meet interesting characters, and uncover mysteries of the dunes. There is no need to rush; take your time to enjoy the surroundings and relax. You'll meet other wanderers along the way, so don't forget to greet them with a friendly chime.


Some people relax by observing things, while others — by creating them. Minecraft suits both types. In this best-seller game, you can explore a vast world, dig deep into its underbelly, collect resources, and build whatever you want. Just make sure to pick Creative or Spectator modes; otherwise, a sudden creeper can ruin all the chill.