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All You Need to Know Before Making Gaming Videos for YouTube

Gaming video content is viewed by 1,2 billion people worldwide, and it generates 9,3 billion US dollars in revenue. If you have charisma, editing skills, and a huge love for gaming, it's just logical to get into this train. But how does one make sure that their videos capture viewers' attention and get views? With these tips, you'll find out how to make your YouTube gaming channel viral.

Find Your Niche

Nobody is interested in another PewDiePie because they can watch the original one. To get the viewers interested, you must give them something they want but haven't found yet. It doesn't mean that you have to create a whole new genre; you can build up on others' content. Provide a different approach, improve audio and visual quality, or spice things up with your unique traits.

There are tempting but awfully overcrowded niches on YouTube. It is extremely hard to compete with major channels there unless you bring something truly unique. So, weigh your chances carefully, or production and advertisement expenses will eat a hole in your budget without considerable yield.

Start with One Game

It seems smart to make videos with as many popular games as you can to get a bigger audience. However, it's better to focus on one game, at least for the beginning. Choose one that is both in demand and interesting to you, and start experimenting with formats. This is also algorithm-vise, as YouTube seems to favor content-makers with a consistent strategy. If all your videos are about Fortnite or Minecraft, it is more likely that they will pop up as recommended content.

Don't Spend Too Much on Equipment

Some beginner YouTubers blow lots of money on top-class equipment in pursuit of perfect quality. But the truth is that 90% of the content quality is determined by your editing, scriptwriting, and narration skills. The picture quality is a seasoning for an already catchy video. What you need from the start is a decent PC to run games in good quality, a recording piece of software, and a proper microphone. The latter really matters since the sound quality has an effect on how people perceive what you say. You can add a camera later when your channel grows and the audience gets more interested in your persona.

Optimize your Content for Search Engines

Every text field of your content and even things you say in a video provide an opportunity for SEO. An optimized content has a better chance to appear in search results, which means more free views. Use special tools to search for keywords related to your topic and include them in:

  • the name and description of your channel and videos
  • pinned comments
  • tags
  • video graphic elements

YouTube SEO is a broad and complex topic, but there are lots of free tutorials and articles on how to do it. And if you feel that you can't cope with it on your own, you can hire a specialist to optimize your channel.